Next, a small selection of cocktails that you can  taste in Sa Xarxa. Cheer up! Enjoy our terrace with a nice cocktail!

Cocktail especial de Sa Xarxa
Cocktail light especial de sa xarxa

Special Sa Xarxa

light special Sa Xarxa

Cocktail caipirihna
cocktail mojito
Cocktail Caipirinha
Cocktail Mojito
Cocktail san francisco
Cocktail piña colada
Cocktail San Francisco
Cocktail Piña Colada
Cocktail Pisang Orange
Cocktail de passoa con naranja
Cocktail Pisang Orange
Cocktail de Passoa Orange
Cocktail Campari Orange
Cocktail Bellini
Cocktail Campari Orange
Cocktail Bellini
banana balu cocktail
cocktail coco loco
Banana Balu
Cocktail Coco Loco

Other cocktail

Vodka Sun: Vodka, passion fruit, tangerine, banana and orange juice

Colorado: Brandy, peach, lime, orange juice

Volcanic Island: Cane rum, banada liquour, triple dry and orange juice

Love on the beach: Vodka, Melon liquour, orange juice

Guacamayo: Cane rum, triple blue juice, pineapple juice

Caribe dreams (ALCOHOL FREE): Pineapple, passion fruit, lime, orange juice

Pineapple Tropic: Cane rum, coconut shake and pineapple juice

Cocomagic: cane rum, coconut liquour, milk

Tequila Rise: Tequila, lemon, orange juice and a shot of grenadine

Cartago: 43, milk, orange juice

Pink panther: milk, cointreau, grenadine

Free Passion (ALCOHOL FREE): passion fruit, raspberry, banana and milk