Order an assortment of Iberian sausages

and we will give 1 euro

for the research and activities of the Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis

In a year as special as our 50th anniversary, we wanted to participate in a worthwhile initiative. Along with the guild of bars and restaurants, Bodega Sa Red adds to raise money in the campaign Get Wet for Multiple Sclerosis.

This is the proposal:

Come to Sa Xarxa

Treat yourself to a meal, a dinner, come with the idea of choosing a very special dish from our menu.

Choose the assortment of Iberian sausages from Sa Xarxa

One of the best choices of our letter. An exquisite dish for an exquisite evening.

For every assortment of sausages, 1 euro

Bodega Sa Xarxa will give 1 euro for each dish of assorted Iberian sausages in the Foundation to support research into multiple sclerosis.

So you already know. From July 15 to July 31, Wet yourself too for multiple sclerosis!!

This is a campaign of: